Through our in-house staff, Computer Solutions Group provides its core services.  These services are handled by Computer Solutions Group.



Low Voltage Design and Consulting:


CSG will work with the owner/architect to design and layout low voltage cabling and equipment locations that fit the client’s needs, with a constant eye on keeping a balance between future growth and the current budget. This process can start as early as the schematic design phase or any time thereafter. Components of the Low Voltage Design and Consulting can include Structured Cabling, Wireless Network Design, Music System Design, Nurse Call Systems Design and Access Control/CCTV Design.



Services Management Agreement:


CSG will work with the local service providers to acquire bids on services for phone, Internet and TV, and then present those proposals to the owner for their decision. Once the contracts are signed and the service providers selected, CSG will act as the project manager in working with the vendor to ensure the services are delivered as promised and on time.  



Structured Cabling:


CSG offers structured cabling for phone, data and TV outlets.  By understanding the “big picture” the client is looking for, we are able to provide a cabling solution that is worry-free and works with all systems necessary. 



Nurse Call Systems:


CSG has the resources to work with our client to determine the best fit for a nurse call solution.  We take the time to talk to the client before recommending a solution, as we want to make sure the client’s needs/wants are addressed.  CSG works with several different third party vendors to provide our client with the option of a nurse call system.  We will work with our client’s needs and the needs of their residents to obtain a custom package.   



Wireless Network Design and Installation:


We believe our vast experience in the IT field combined with our knowledge of structured cabling, allows us to offer the client a complete solution. Leveraging our past experience and knowledge, CSG will design, supply and install a wireless network solution to fit the client’s needs. We spec and install only enterprise level wireless devices providing a more trouble-free, flexible and dependable solution. 



IT Setup/Support:


CSG will work with or act as the IT department of the client to make sure the transition from construction to operation goes as smoothly as possible. From purchasing and setting up desktop and laptop computers, to providing and installing network switches and firewalls, this service is custom tailored to fit what the client needs. 



TV Procurement and Installation:


CSG will work with the client to determine the proper size, location and quantity of TVs needed in the community and will provide procurement and installation of the TVs. 



Multi-zone/Multi-source Music Systems:


CSG will work with the client to determine the desired locations for music in the community. CSG will design and install a sound system capable of delivering different sources to any of multiple zones throughout the community. 



Theater Room Installation:


CSG can install home theater components including surround sound in ceiling speakers, Blu-Ray/DVD player and a receiver, giving your residents a real movie theater experience.







Through partnerships with select vendors, Computer Solutions Group provides its managed services.  These services are managed by Computer Solutions Group for the client, but the work is performed either by a combination of Computer Solutions Group and a select vendor or simply by that select vendor. Partnering with qualified, select vendors allows CSG to focus on our areas of strength for the client while still delivering a complete low voltage solution.



Fiber Optic Cabling:


CSG works with select vendors to provide any fiber optic solution that may be needed on our projects.  By outsourcing this component to strategic partners, CSG is able to leverage those with the latest knowledge of product and technique, ensuring the best solution for the client.



Access Control/CCTV:


CSG has worked with the same partner for many years on several projects to deliver complete security and access control solutions to our clients. 

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